Single Source Billing

Single Point Billingsm involves the consolidation of multiple products from (potentially) multiple providers into a single bill. It subsequently involves the receipt, reconciliation, and breakdown of the collected consolidated premiums by Single Point Billingsm with ensuing remittance to the respective providers. Single Point Billing offers the employer relief from the administrative burdens incurred with handling deductions and bills for multiple-benefit programs. A single payroll deduction can be made for each employee for any number of benefit programs. A single remittance can be made by the employer for any number of employees and for any number of providers.

Premium remittance to Single Point Billingsm is offered in the format most convenient to the employer. Data transfer is typically in an established protocol with the provider. Single Point Billingsm acts as a black box translator, providing a simple, user-defined interface to both the employer and the provider, while performing complex tasks at a cost savings to both. Secure access to account data via the Internet affords real-time availability of an array of self-service tools and reports.

Single Point Billingsm administration enables the employer to reduce the number of incoming billing statements that need to be handled, as well as the number of checks to be issued. A per-employee subtotal for the combined benefits in which an employee is participating drastically simplifies the payroll deduction and premium payment process.

The experts at AmeriFlex make account setup a breeze and are available to assist in any way. And through L. S. & Associates’ national contract with AmeriFlex, you will find it easy and cost efficient to consolidate multiple providers into a single bill.

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