Benefit Communication

43% of Americans give themselves a grade ‘C’ or lower when it comes to understanding health benefits, according to a recent CIGNA survey published in the Health Insurance Underwriter Magazine in December 2003.

Unfortunately, many Americans do not have a strong understanding of their health benefits or the programs that can help them save on health care costs. However, it’s more important than ever that Americans, which are mostly employees of companies, know the details of their plan ahead of time, know how to use it, and know how to get the best value out of their health plan. After all, employers invest a lot of time and money into a health care benefit plan for their employees, and communicating those benefits is what L. S. & Associates can do for you.

Not only can L. S. & Associates communicate the health benefits, we can communicate the full benefits package that your firm offers, including any other benefits such as vacation time, workers’ compensation benefits, etc. Our benefit communication capabilities include:

Group Meetings

Monthly New Hire Orientation

Printed Benefit Statements

Election Forms

Benefit Confirmations

Let L. S. & Associates help you communicate your benefits package to your employees so that your employees know the details of their benefits ahead of time before they need them.

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