One in three adults over the age of 40 has a vision problem and are at risk for:

  • Cataract – A clouding of the eye’s lens
  • Glaucoma – A disease of the optic nerve
  • Macular Degeneration – A loss of central vision
  • Presbyopia – A progressive condition that makes reading and doing close-up work increasingly difficult


Warning Signs:

  • Impaired vision at night, especially while driving, caused by the effects of bright lights
  • Changes in the way you see color
  • White or cloudy spot in the lens of the eye
  • Trouble seeing things to your side
  • Double vision or halos around lights


One in four children suffers from:

  • Amblyopia – Lazy eye
  • Amertropia – Refractive error
  • Strabismus – Crossed/wandering eyes


Warning Signs:

  • Squinting, closing or covering one eye
  • Holding a book close to the face
  • Losing his/her place while reading
  • Tilting the head to one side
  • Rubbing eyes repeatedly

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